Nathan Stoops, Naomi Sego, Kasey Kemp


Macon, GA - Legendary southern gospel performer Naomi Sego has announced plans to dissolve her group and semi-retire. This year marks the final tour for Naomi & The Segos.

To celebrate Naomi’s career spanning nearly 50 years, a grand finale concert is being planned for November 2007, which will be the group’s last appearance. More details about the finale concert will be announced at a later time.

Since joining The Sego Brothers in 1958, Naomi has enjoyed a long, successful career as one of gospel music’s most prominent female vocalists. The Sego Brothers & Naomi gained national attention in the late 1950’s with their first radio hit, Satisfied With Me. They were also the first group in gospel music history to sell more than one million copies of a gospel recording with Sorry, I Never Knew You.

By 1979, Naomi was the only remaining original member of the group. In 1967, Lamar Sego left the group and formed The Lamar Sego Family with his wife and daughters. In 1979, W.R. Sego was forced to retire and come off the road due to health complications. (He passed away in 2004.) Shortly after W.R.'s retirement, James Sego, Naomi's husband died during open heart surgery. In 1983, Naomi married Vernon Reader and officially changed the name from The Sego Brothers & Naomi to Naomi & The Segos. Vernon died in 1998 due to declining health stemming from diabetes and heart disease.

Naomi has faithfully continued to progress forward with positive results, in spite of the many heartaches and hardships she has endured. A string of hit songs, numerous awards, accomplishments and accolades all serve as a testament to Naomi’s talent, integrity and dedication through the years.

Although they have not disclosed details about their future plans once the tour has ended, current group members Kasey Kemp and Nathan Stoops are respectfully supportive of Naomi’s decision. Kasey stated, “I consider it a great honor to have been a part of the final years of Naomi’s career. Singing alongside her has been a dream come true for me. I hate to see it end, but I have peace in knowing that this is all in God’s timing.” Nathan adds, “I will always be grateful to Naomi for giving me my start in gospel music.”

Naomi & The Segos are scheduling a limited number of appearances during their farewell tour from April to November. Few dates remain available. Anyone wishing to secure a date for the group to appear is encouraged to call Wilds & Associates at 205-662-4826.

After the finale performance in November, Naomi will take a much needed break until after the first of the year. She says, “I want to sing until Jesus takes me to my heavenly home. I promised the Lord a long time ago that I would sing for him as long as I was able, and that’s what I intend to do.” Naomi plans to make limited appearances on select concert dates throughout 2008.

In conjunction with their farewell tour, Naomi & The Segos are planning to release a new CD in coming weeks as well a new book. The book, not yet titled, will be an autobiography chronicling Naomi’s life and career.