Sharmane Takes "Leap Of Faith" This Weekend For A Miracle For Florida Family's Dream Of Adoption

Thursday, October 15, 2009



Nashville, TN - October 15, 2009 -- Contemporary Christian artist SHARMANE will bring the music and ministry of her current album, Leap Of Faith, to a new level of reality this weekend. The KCCM Pop Artist of the Year will spearhead a special "Leap of Faith" fundraiser to benefit a South Florida family in their heart touching quest to adopt a beautiful 11 year old Chinese girl with special needs.

"I was very touched when I initially heard of their story," Sharmane noted in a recent phone interview. "I learned that in China, the opportunity of adopting a child-particularly a girl-is virtually gone by the time the child reaches 12 years of age. They are considered 'unadoptable' in the Chinese culture and many little girls are forced onto the streets or into sexual slavery. This particular family has a tremendous capacity for love. The mother is a breast cancer survivor and virtually all of the family's savings have gone over the past year to medical and surgical bills-so we are presenting the "Leap of Faith" fundraiser on October 17th to help raise the $12,000 needed to bring their child from China."

Sharmane is no stranger to helping God deliver miracles. She has become an in-demand national speaker, forming her own ministry, Prayerful Hearts, from the launch pad of her music career. Church events and conferences as well as youth events and women's retreats have resourced her as a gifted communicator through music and message.

Benefits like this weekend's in Florida, have a special meaning for Sharmane. She herself is the mother of two with a special heart for outreach to children and the family. Recognizing a void in that area of ministry, Sharmane has created an interactive workshop series for high schoolers. Find Me, Cleanse Me, Take Me There focuses teens on a program to find the heart of who they are and where God desires them to be. An offshoot of the program, Stuck In The Middle was later created as a workshop to invest the same spiritual message into the lives of middle school kids.

Sharmane continues to present her youth workshops, as well as presenting a three day mission titled, "Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace," geared towards family ministry in the home.

The title of her latest CD project, now connecting with listeners nationally is fittingly titled. Leap of Faith - something she will be sharing with Florida audiences this weekend.

The Leap of Faith benefit concert will be held at First Baptist Church in Okeechobee, Florida on Saturday, October 17th at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $20.00 each and may be purchased by calling the church at (863) 763-2171. Tickets may also be purchased through Maple Grove Baptist Church in neighboring Lakeport, or by calling (893) 697-6859.

For more information, visit: http://leapoffaithfundraiser.blogspot.com/

Leap of Faith is available digitally on iTunes and can also be resourced at: http://www.sharmane.com







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